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About the Project Green Monitor

Programme Area Green Industry Innovation Innovation Norway

The Centralized Condition-Based Maintenance and Manufacturing Support System Project (Green Monitor) sets as its primary objective the development of innovative tool which to support the greening of manufacturing enterprises production processes by optimizing their maintenance activities. As intended result, the enterprises are expected to reduce their energy, oil and lubricants consumption. Upon project completion, the system will be available both for onsite implementation (On Premises) and in a cloud-supported version (SaaS). The project will be implemented by the value-added partnership among ICB, Terotech and NTNU. The unique combination of three areas of expertise, i.e. software development (ICB), maintenance services to large enterprises (Terotech), and scientific competence (NTNU), will lead to highly specific project results. Thus, manufacturing enterprises will not only be empowered with new software capabilities but will also benefit from the specialized know-how of project partners.

Intended project results include:

  • Scientific analysis on existing maintenance methodologies and available solutions, and developing an innovative maintenance concept
  • Development of software system that will incorporate the latest technology trends and solutions, including the possibility to run in the cloud and on mobile devices
  • Testing and verification of the product, the approach efficiency, and the green effect

InterConsult Bulgaria (ICB) - Project Promoter

InterConsult Bulgaria (ICB) is a leading Bulgarian software and consulting company established in 1996. The company offers high quality services in the fields of software design and development, management and IT consulting, maintenance, support and customer training. ICB has more than 300 successfully completed projects in leading Bulgarian companies and in technological giants abroad.

ICB’s specialists have particular knowledge in various fields including engineering, manufacturing, banking and finance, building construction and public administration.

ICB is recognized as an innovative software provider with a number of prestigious Bulgarian and European awards like Innovation Hub for Bulgaria for 2013, 2011 and 2012 SILVER and GOLD Seal of eExcellence medal at the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover , European IT Excellence Award 2010 winner and many others.

Kongsberg Terotech - Project Partner

The main line of business of Kongsberg Terotech AS is to provide maintenance service and products which contribute to an effective and economic production for its customers. The company strives to achieve:

  • 100% Reliability
  • Total World Class Maintenance

Kongsberg Terotech provides maintenance support and products to over 100 companies.The company’s development and activity are focused on:


  • Developing, carrying out and optimizing maintenance programs
  • Documenting maintenance systems
  • Classifying criticality of machinery
  • Training of operators in maintenance activities
  • Analyzing strategic spare parts and purchasing
  • Making status reports of aging and remaining life of equipment


  • Retrofitting and upgrading (Mechanical and Controls)
  • Verifying Machine Safety
  • Designing production lines
  • Purchasing support
  • Installing and approval of equipment

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) - Project Partner

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the largest university for engineering education in Norway. NTNU includes seven faculties with more than 50 departments with approx. 22.000 students. NTNU's cross-disciplinary research delivers creative innovations that have far-reaching social and economic impact.

The department of Production and Quality Engineering (IPK) who is participating in Green Monitor has research groups in production systems, production management, project and quality management and RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability, safety). The department has long experience in running industrial projects focusing on Green Monitor relevant topics as, risk and maintenance management, safety, data mining and knowledge discovery, expert systems in manufacturing, knowledge management and manufacturing systems.

The department is partner and coordinator in several EU projects (ex IFaCOM-Zero Defect Manufacturing), and national research programs (ex NORMAN).